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Who Wants Free Stuff?

by Sophie

There’s a lot more to Freshers’ Week than you probably first think. You have probably discovered the itinerary of events for the week to come – the Big Night Out and such – through Facebook, but then there is the other, un-noticed and taken-for-granted side to Freshers’ Week. Having survived two myself, I personally think this is as enjoyable as the various nights out.

The quieter nights available will add to the Freshers’ Week experience, giving you a break from the many late nights of partying. You can visit the Student Cinema, located in Bowland Lecture Theatre or go to an open mic night to view the talent on offer here or to show off what you can do!

After days spent signing up for minor subjects and attending a ‘Meet Your Deparment’ session, there are daytime events in the Great Hall, conveniently on County’s doorstep.

The clubs and societies day gives you chance to just browse or sign up to a taster session of either a sport you have played before or a new one you have never even heard of before now.

As clichéd as it sounds, there is something for everyone. Joining a club is a great way to meet new people, who may have more similar interests to you than new housemates or people from your course.

Then comes the ‘Freebie Fair’, the hidden highlight of the week! Many local businesses of all kinds come and try to buy your custom with various free things, ranging from free bottles of beer to laptop bags made out of old seatbelts and billboard posters.

Speaking from experience, I find it best to get as much free stuff as possible. With the ease of living so close you should make numerous trips to check and double check that you have picked up all the best things. Many vouchers are on offer to save us poor students some money, not forgetting enough pens to last the full year!

So go ahead and enjoy Freshers’ Week, it’s a great start to the year and one that you should throw yourself into. But a word of warning: drink lots of orange juice and take vitamin tablets to stay free from the dreaded ‘Freshers’ Flu’!

This article was published in Pendragon, Freshers’ Week Special.