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The Great Accommodation Race

by Sophie

So you’ve settled into the routine of uni life, you’re getting to grips with your course. Then you start to get the accommodation itch…

In my experience, first year involved a lot of rumours with a dash of panic. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’re a first year, or a second year worried about another leg of the accommodation race, take a second to consider each stage of the house hunt:

1.) Who are you going to live with? If you are worrying you have missed the starter’s pistol, you are best aiming for a group of four. This is the most common of house sizes, so it will increase the
number available to you. But don’t live with someone just for the sake of it. If someone irritates you now, the chances of them getting off your nerves are slim! If there’s no one you feel you want to live with, don’t be afraid to go solo and let a single room somewhere. Your new housemates could turn out to be the kind of people you wanted in the first place. This obviously also applies to second years who want to live in a different
location to their housemates, or are simply sick of them.

2.) What are your property priorities? Are you desperate for a double bed? Really miss a bath? It is unlikely a house will be everything you want it to be, but at least you can narrow down your house search. For second years, this of course raises the debate of town vs. campus – read Zoe Boyd’s online article for more info on that (www.county.lusu.co.uk/pendragon – Ed.)

3.) Do you want a house you’ve seen? Be prepared to commit to a house straight away if you really like it; there are cases every year of people losing out to the people that viewed just after them. But at the same time don’t let yourself be pressured into a house you don’t like. You have to live in it for a year and pay for it, so if you hate it it’s not worth it.

So do not panic! You will not end up homeless or in a crack den. Take a deep breath, get organised, and have a happy househunting!

By Charlotte Campbell