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The Diary of a Fresher

by Sophie

Never in my eighteen years has my life been so fraught with drama! Honestly, it’s gotten to the point where I wasn’t perturbed by an old man coming up to me and belching in my face at the train station because it fits in to the day to day weirdness of Lancaster.

University has restructured my life into a satirical comedy sketch, and I love it. What better way to make you get over yourself than to just laugh? Since the last issue my life has changed a lot and I’m taking the good with the bad. In terms of the bad, my health is pretty dismal and I have found that my degree consists mainly of statistics (which is a bit of an issue given that I have the mathematical prowess of a nine month old poodle) and I miss my best friend (who is too far away to get hold of) and family a lot.

On the other hand, what does any of that matter when I have made the best friends I’ve ever had in my life? They keep me laughing no matter what. For example, the recent girls’ night in with Dominoes, rap music and a bad movie which kept me giggling all night, or when I came home one day, admittedly feeling a bit down in the dumps, and found my flatmates had taped their new nickname for me to my door and were sitting in rigid silence waiting for my reaction (which was hysterics).

I love that I live with people who constantly take the micky and that all of my best friends live within a minutes’ walk from me. They keep me grounded.

I won’t lie and say I haven’t considered jacking university in, or that life doesn’t seem unfair sometimes, but I’d say this to anyone feeling this way: everything happens for a reason. Take the good with the bad and learn to laugh at yourself because at the end of the day you get a lot more friends and respect that way.

By Becky Joyce