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John Lacey

by on April 6, 2014


John Lacey

County! I’m John Lacey and you have elected me as your president for 2014! As oficially the biggest and best college on campus, i fully intend to maintain our rep and help county excel even further by working closely with the rest of your elected JCR Exec. I will be putting my upmost into all aspects that our college offers. Especially freshers week, which I can ensure you will live up to your expectations as one of the best weeks of the year! Until then I will be one of your main points of call for any suggestions you have to help enhance our college and build its unique sommunity spirit. I’m eager to get to know as many of you as possible, so dont hesitate to contact me (j.lacey@lancaster.ac.uk) or just come and find me for an informal chat. Your elected exec are already going all out to make this year the best year in County College!

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