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by Sophie

I’d best start this piece by clarifying that Jonnie isn’t actually dead, I just couldn’t think of anything else to call it. This ‘obituary’ is more an article about his time as editor of Pendragon, really emphasising how the magazine has been transformed over the past year.

I think the best place to start is with one of the most noticeable things, which is how the magazine now looks. The stunning colour cover (thanks to Jack Nelson), brilliant images and one distinct design throughout have made this something that people want to read. Themed issues such as the Extrav special have brought something unique to the table, meaning that although very similar, every issue has had something new
making it a vital read.

Added to all the fancy and enticing designs is content that makes for a great read. With pieces from the JCR every issue, reviews of theatre productions, detailed sport coverage, fun reads like Stig’s ‘Radio Times’ article and great comment pieces (shameless plug for my articles here) make people want to read the next one long before it comes out.

This has meant that more was needed. With the help of webmaster Sophie Kelly, the Pendragon website went live earlier this term, not only with previous articles and new editions of the magazine, but with weekly online exclusives for yet more County Students to show off their writing talents. With so much content now on the site for people to read, I would suggest that you all take a look and read through the great pieces uploaded.

One side of the magazine that is overlooked is how much effort Jonnie puts in to make this magazine what it is. Knowing Jonnie as well as I do, I know just how much time he spends on producing and editing this; we can easily spend an evening in the pub discussing Pendragon. From what is going in the next issue or online that week, Jonnie is always thinking of how to add even more.

How there is time to put this magazine together I don’t know, with how many other things Jonnie does such as his degree and his positions as Assistant Editor of SCAN and as bassist in our band, Innamorata (another shameless plug – Ed.). It’s things like this that are overlooked when you read this magazine.

I really think a massive thanks is in order to Jonnie for putting this together for the college, transforming it into what you now see in front of you. He couldn’t do it without the skills of everybody who has contributed over the past year, but we really couldn’t do it without Jonnie.

By Conor Scrivener