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JCR Exec Meeting 20/05/12

by David on May 27, 2012

County College JCR Executive 2012

JCR Executive Meeting Minutes

Sunday 20th May 2012, 7:00pm, County Main SR 1



1.In Attendance:

Levina Masterson (LM) – President

Charlotte Webb (CW) – Sports Sec

Christina Horsepool (CH) – General Sec

Becky Joyce (BJ) – International Officer

Michael Ratajczak (MR) – Sports Sec

Rob Kruze (RK) – Male EWD

Alex Alawode (AA) – Chairperson

Francesca Williams (FW) – VP Academic

Dan Batty (DB) – Magazine Editor

Leonie Chaudhry (LC) – Female EWD

Shaun Kawalek

Matt (UCUM President)


David Mann (DM) – Communications Officer

Tim Hamrouge (TH) – VP Events

Tom Bowie (TB) – Social Sec

Sean Pike Locke (SPL) – Social Sec

Started: 19.02

2.Approval of minutes from last meeting


Matters arising

3.Points for any other business

Sports Social –CW

International Social – BJ and SPL

Freshers Week – LM

4.Officer reports

4.1 Academic report

Nothing to report from FW. LM warned us be careful for plagiarism because they are getting harsher so make sure you reference properly. There will also possibly be a Plagiarism campaign happening soon.

4.2 Democracy report


Nominations open Monday Week 7 (4th June) and close on Friday the 8th.

Hustings: Monday Week 8 (11th June)

Elections open Wednesday Week 8 and close on the Friday.

Social Sec will be taken to LUSU Council and CW and MR will go too.

4.3 Equality, welfare & diversity report

Nothing to report.

4.4 Finance report

Sports: £350

Magazine: £176.10

Administration: £209.50

Other: £221.55 – possible ideas: condoms, chill out campaign

Extrav: £3,000

Socials: £2,993 – if decisions on money and socials is decided can it be decided by the whole group.

4.5 Media & communications report

DB is putting the magazine together and will have it printed this week. CW’s Legends poster and DM’s teaser poster for Extrav will be put in as well.

4.6 Social and events report

TH TB and SPL weren’t there.

4.7 Sports report

Carter Shield was a disaster and the Exec attendance needs to be better. It is the tug of war and rugby final next week. CW is hoping to make a bigger deal of it during Freshers Week. She is also considering having a deal with the sports teams saying that they can’t have money unless they commit to Carter Shield and Legends as it is only 5-10 players needs a week.

4.8 President’s report

Issue recently: if someone on the JCR offers to do something for a social or for the JCR, we can’t pay you for it. You can’t be expected to the paid for a voluntary basis.

The Extrav theme has been leaked but keep giving out false themes. TH is doing the FB page this week. And everyone keep thinking of decorations.

5.Any other business

International Social – BJ

Mint is having a refurbishment to turn itself more into a club so they want more events. SPL had the idea of having a prohibition night after exams and they will mix 1920s music into a club mix. We could hire booths and get drink offers and maybe put some money behind the bar. BJ was hoping preferably week 9 but that is also Legends.

LM had the idea of having a social for the Michael Mullet competition in week 10 and maybe make it Extrav themed. FW and RK offered to help LM.

Freshers Week – LM

LM will look up in the constitution how many people needs to be in the Freshers Committee. FW has created a form and will put it on the Facebook group this week. International Fresher reps training will be sorted when reps are chosen. Matt Saint is wanting to do something about training them too.

Transparency – CH

Robbie Love spoke to CH the other day and asked to bring up the transparency of the Exec up in the meeting. RL has only been off the Exec for a few weeks and he doesn’t have any idea what is going on. Maybe use the notice board in the bar to put summary of our meetings up. Also send out a summary of the minutes in the newsletter each week.

Sports Social – CW

CW wants to reward the people who regularly come to the Carter Shield. Perhaps take £200 out of social or admin and put it towards a bar social at the time of the England game maybe?


The Quiz has stopped until week 8 but is there is the bye law. Bar is open every night because the quiz is so successful. If the quiz is stopped, it is possible that the bar could be closed.

6.Date of the next meeting:

Sunday 27thth May, 7pm

End of Meeting: 20.00


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