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Ah! Sunshine!

by Jonnie Critchley on November 6, 2011

Conor Scrivener

Arrivals day for County (and a few other, insignificant, colleges of the University) brought the sunshine to October. I can imagine, for freshers in particular, it will have added to what would already be an awesome day – going away to a brand new part of the country, moving away from home, gaining even more independence in the process and to top it off it’s one of the nicest days of the year!

As good as the weather was, helping move people into their accommodation was very tiring. It seemed that every
person  you moved in was on the top floor of John Creed or a townhouse. No lifts after four trips to and fro per fresher made it a very sweaty experience for Freshers’ Reps in the warm weather.

Warning freshers that this weather was an anomaly, a once in a university experience to get such a nice day, I told them to expect rain by the Sunday and snow within a week.

I said this with good, fun intentions of course – really hoping not to scare any students into going straight home or out to panic buy warm, wooly clothing.

However, by Thursday night, looking out of the window of the pub I noticed what seemed to be snow. It wasn’t actually snow, as good as that would have made me feel, but very heavy sleet. The drive back along the A6 to my house was fun; the road was covered enough for tyre tracks to have formed.

I dread to imagine what people thought after such a nice start to the week. In five days there had been an Indian summer, torrential downpours, very heavy sleet and gusty winds. In all, there was a lot of evidence to support claims that Lancaster does have its own micro-climate (see my previous article ‘County Wonderland’ on the college website).

Although the sun and warm weather was a nice and welcome addition to the first day of the year, it will be another seven months at least before the sun returns to Lancaster like that; unfortunately for us, it will return when the exam season starts. This really does make it very hard to enjoy and appreciate warm, sunny weather while at university.

This article was first published in Pendragon: Michaelmas Term Issue One (Week Four)


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