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JCR Executive


John Lacey

County! I’m John Lacey and you have elected me as your president for 2014! As oficially the biggest and best college on campus, i fully intend to maintain our rep and help county excel even further by working closely with the rest of your elected JCR Exec. I will be putting my upmost into all..

Media and Communications Officer

Sal Rahmani

Hi Everyone! My name is Sal and I am one of your Media and Communications Officers. I study Marketing and Design and am in my second year. I really want to get the word out about all that County has to offer and aim to do this through making eye-cathching posters together with Rachel. I..

Male Sports Rep

Ash Sharma

Hi all, I am Ash and I am the Male Sports Rep. I am a first year and am studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I currently play for the University Men’s Lacrosse Team. While I have the position I hope to improve the awareness and participation of event such as the Carter Shield and Legends…

Female Sports Rep

Louise Balloch

Hey Guys, I’m Louise, your new female sports rep. I am a first year studying Geography and Politics. I am currently part of the County Netball team and University football team. I am looking forward ti taking part in organising more sports events for County, including Cater Shield and Legends, but also other fun events..

Men's Welfare and Community Officer

Pietro Piantanida

Hi County! My name is Pietro and it is an honour to be you Men’s Welfare and Community Officer. I love playing sports and cooking. In fact, my favourite part of the day is eating, in county bar, in my flat or maybe with some Carlos Santana and his guitar. I am a friendly, easy,..

Women's Welfare and Community Officer

Lydia Corlett

Hello County! This is my second year at lancaster studying Religion and Philosophy. As Your Woman’s Welfare and Community Officer, I aim to improve the well-being of all county students. I am here to listen to any concerns that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me – no problem is too big..

Socials and Events Officer

Chris Booth

Hi, my name is Chris Booth and I shall be one member of your socials team this year. As a group I’m sure we will endeavor to meet all the needs you guys have for socials throughout the year. Although some ideas may seem a little out of reach, I’m sure there is some way..

Socials and Events Officer

Ebony Edwards

Hey Guys, I’m Ebony, One of your Social and Events Officers. I am a second year History student and come from a town called Prestatyn in North Wales. Uni is all about having fun and managing to somehow do a degree on the side and I want to help all you guys have fun by..

International Officer

Alvaro Trujillo

Hello County, My name is Alvaro and I was born in Mexico, I grew up in Singapore and now I’m here studying at Lancaster University! My main focus as you International Officer is to encourage and celebrate the diverse cultures across campus and plan to do so by working closely with the socials officers to..

Democracy Officer

Mark Oliva Gorria

Hey County! I hope to make your college experience the best time of your lives! I am am BBA Management firt year student from Barcelona, Spain. I went to a French School and can speak four languages (Spanish, French, English and Catalan), having had the opportunity to travel worldwide. I a very ambitious person and..

Education and Opportunities Officer

Ben Harper

Hi County, Thanks for electing me as your Education and Opportunities officer. During my time on the JCR, I intend to do what I can to enhance your employability prospects with events and information on careers and voluntary participation. I also want to ensure you get a fair deal on all educational matters; this may..

Vice President: Academic and Welfare

Amy Bowden

Hey County, I’m your Vice President for Academic and Welfare, this means I am your first port of call for any issues you may be facing relating to your course, housing, friends or otherwise. As Academic officer, I work closely with Ben to represent you on the Academic council and ensure you have the most..

Vice President: Socials and Events

Anna Duncan

I’m Anna, County’s new Vice President: Socials and Events for this year. I’m already enjoying starting to prepare what is going to happen this year from the many socials to Extrav. With our new JCR meetings already under way, we are all working together to start this term off with a bang. If anyone has..

Media and Communications Officer

Rachel Taylor

Hey County! I’m Rachel, one of your Media and Communications Officers. Along with Sal, I will be in charge of creating all the media for the year ahead. Our main aims are to completely overhaul the County Website so that it is more useful to you. I also aim to help all members of the..