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by Sophie

An ‘Obituary’ of sorts

Assistant Editor Conor Scrivener looks back at Jonnie Critchley’s work as Pendragon Editor 2011

The Great Accommodation Race

Completing that prominent running theme of a year’s worth of this magazine, Charlotte Campbell comments on the best way to go about sorting out accommodation for next year.

Does Drinking Really Help?

Dan Batty argues that we should think a little more about what’s on the line when we drink.

The Diary of a Fresher

Becky Joyce reflects on first term

The virtues of the college system

Hetti Lawrence puts forward her views on what’s so great about Lancaster’s colleges, County in particular.

Ah! People!

Dan Batty has a unique perspective on Freshers’ Week, have seen it all before.

Ah! Sunshine!

Ever the weather-cynic, Conor Scrivener argues that we’ll never get to benefit from Lancaster’s sporadic good weather.

Who wants free stuff?

Conor Scrivener on the hidden gems of Freshers’ Week.

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